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Gates and railings are what you would call our bread and butter.

These gates were originally powder coated approx. 10 years ago. Rust had started to come through cracks and flakes in the paint.

We blasted the gates clean, used a zinc primer as a base coat and then powder coated in a satin black finish.

An old boiler/urn that we have shot blasted so it is completely free of rust, we then coated it in a zinc primer and finished in a matt black.

What a difference!

With summer on the horizon, we are working through a variety of garden furniture.

Our customer was looking to clean and brighten up this wooden bench.

We lightly blasted the bench using glass grit and it left a lovely fresh look.

We had a set of Land Rover wheels that required some work.

Firstly the wheels were shot blasted to remove the current paint and rust, they were then powder coated with a zinc primer and then finished in a nice off white colour.

What a difference!

This anchor was bought at a local Auction House.

We blasted the anchor removing all the rust, leaving a clean surface ready for the coating.

First stage of the powder coating was the priming coat. We used a zinc primer to give the anchor a good solid foundation that helps prevent long term rust and corrosion.

The top coat was done in a neat satin black.

We recently had a customer who was looking at the possibility of cleaning up their waffle grills. Given a light blast in our blasting bay, we removed the grease and grime leaving a nice clean finish.